Failed logic is my waterfall.

Hey had a bad day yesterday.

  Dripping Tap 

He had been having trouble with the kitchen sink for a couple of days, the culprit, a blocked pipe.

Fairly simple you say.


maybe you don’t, maybe you didn’t say anything, or maybe you did say something but not that, maybe I shouldn’t presume to know the things you do or don’t, did or didn’t say, maybe………………..

Yesterday Hey stayed home to fix it. HelloSammySue had turned the washing machine on and given strict instructions to Hey on exactly which clothes could and couldn’t be put into the dryer once they were clean. “yes darling, all clear and understood”.

When it happened Hey was having his breakfast, and I was doing my best to beg some from him. I have never succeeded before but I will keep trying, all good things etc. When we heard………………….


It took a few seconds to work out, a few seconds too long.
The washing machine was draining its water into the blocked down pipe that Hey had stayed home to fix. The draining water had entered the down pipe, hit the blockage, filled the pipe and had come up through the sink plughole, it had filled the sink and was now cascading onto the kitchen floor causing a very large puddle.

Hey hit the button and paused the wash cycle, he opened the window above the sink and with a plastic jug started bailing water from the sink straight out the window into the garden……


What he didn’t realise was that, even though the wash cycle had been paused, the washing machine was still ever so slowly ever so silently filling itself up.
He cleaned most of the mess up and sat down to finish his breakfast, then got sidetracked with a car restoration programme on the TV, It was very interesting indeed and the team did a thoroughly good job on the old gal, the owner was very very happy with the work and shed a little tear when his car was finally unveiled to him as glorious and resplendent as her first day out of the factory. .


The machine had finished filling itself up and was now forcing water out through a gap in its door seal caused by the pressure inside.

Once again it took a little too long to hear the water making this new noise, and after having put 2 and 2 together for the second time the damage had already been done. we had a lake in the kitchen.

Hey decided the best thing to do now would be to start the machine drain cycle and release the pressure on the door lest it burst open and cause yet more flood.

I saw the failed logic in this decision immediately………

He didn’t

The water from the machine now started draining back into the same blocked pipe and was filling the sink AGAIN.


This time it was happening FAST, much much faster than he could ever hope to bail through the window with his little plastic jug because the machine was now using its very impressive little pump to force the water out of itself.

Hey was now showing the first signs of properly losing his temper.

I backed slowly out of the kitchen and lay down quietly by the front door.

I could hear SOME noises, and some of them were let’s just say…Unhappy, yes unhappy would be the best way to describe those noises.

You’d think that he would have had everything under control by now but nope, he didn’t.

After cleaning the second flood he checked the sink which had apparently drained itself.


The sink LOOKED empty however the downpipe was still full of water all the way up to the plughole and was hiding just out of his sight.

To carry out the original repair and clear the blockage he had stayed at home to do he had to take the pipework apart gaining access to the blockage to then remove it.

You know where this is going right.?

Our plumbing was installed using push fit pipework, which makes it really very easy to pull apart should the need arise, isn’t modern engineering just the best?


getting very wet indeed

The pipe came apart beautifully, exactly as expected, with no resistance at all, the water also did exactly as expected and gushed happily out all over everything it could find including Hey and the shelf under the sink, this was followed by a stream of many many “unhappy” noises and more than a few crashing sounds.

I moved silently from the front door to the safe place under the stairs…..

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