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watching mum

watching mum

I left home at just 7 weeks old, I could have done with at least another 5 weeks on the farm with mum but she was always busy working and I needed looking after, so I was sent to Dorset to live with Hey and his pack.

I had to learn the rules in my new den but there was one BIG problem.


I didn’t speak His language and he didn’t speak mine

8 years on I now understand over 40 spoken noises in English, another 9 in Spanish, 1 in Catalan, I can track and search to directions given on a whistle, I understand 6 hand gestures, 2 head movements and at least 4 facial expressions. Hey also understands most of my own facial expressions and a lot of body language.

Due to the time effort we both put in over the first 3 years of my life, Hey and I can now communicate clearly with each other at virtually any distance and in almost all situations, we have had fun times and grown close through the process.

It will probably take quite some time to recount this process and will probably cover lots of individual blog posts over many weeks, but that’s what blogs are for right?

I hope you enjoy reading about it.

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