When Did My Eyebrows Appear ?????

So I have been digging through my puppy photos, I need them for future blog posts and wanted to put them into some kind of order, here is a picture of little me

Sam at 8 weeks old

Sam at 8 weeks old

and another of me at around 7 months old

me at 7 months.jpg


And finally in this one I am almost fully grown around the 1 year mark (pretty bad photo quality sorry.)1 year old.jpg

You will notice that in NONE of 3 of these photos do I have have eyebrows !

However if you have a look at the photo I use for my blog signatures you will see my eyebrows have magically appeared !



What is going on?


I decided to look into this and found a few articles on the subject here is an excerpt from a particularly good one, it talks about the tricolour gene which I carry.

“As tricolour is a recessive gene both parents must carry the gene to produce tricoloured puppies. Furthermore if you mate two tricoloured parents you will only produce tricolours. A black tricolour is the same as a black and white but with brown or tan coloured hair on the cheeks, eyebrows, legs and underneath the tail.”

You can read the full article here if you are interested and fancy a bit more info: http://www.leebearbordercollies.co.uk/colours–markings.html

I have all these marks in all these places, in fact after looking carefully Hey found that I also have blue patches in a couple of places.

This is all very interesting and quite normal, however the question still remains………….

WHEN DID MY EYEBROWS ACTUALLY APPEAR ?????? I shall continue my search and let you know if I find anything out, in the meantime all theories are welcome.


me and my cuddle.jpg Sam

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