It’s been a while, sorry about that.

sorry it's been a while

sorry it’s been a while


Sorry it’s been so long friends

I haven’t been able to blog

Hey has been very busy this week

And I am just a dog


I’ve lots of things to tell you

Lots of things to write

But I rely on my Alpha Hey

To do the computer type


I have an idea to write a novel

Told from my point of view

It could be action adventure

But I like romance too


I’ll continue with the other stuff

The poems, the games and such

And the communication series is

A nice informative touch


When I first started this whole thing

The idea was to have some fun

As I don’t think a blog by a dog

Is very often done


I certainly hope you are enjoying

The things I have to say

And would like to take this opportunity

To thank you for reading today


I’ll try my very best to keep the blog alive and well and updated on a regular basis so it doesn’t look like I have stopped completely and you all lose heart and unfollow me which would be a shame cos I think it’s going to be a fun ride

But ultimately it’s up to you oo oo oo

To oo oo decide

That verse needs a little work )


I’m off for a walk with Hey now

And it looks like it might rain

But quite frankly I couldn’t care less

I’m just happy to be with him again

Have Fun Sam.

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