A Five Alphabet Foodie Game

Another of the alphabet games I play to keep my brain active, this one is for all you foodies out there.

how clever am i

After Brian’s Chicken Dinner Everyone Felt Great. His Iced Jamaican Kumquat Lychee Mango Nectarine Orange Pudding Quite Revoltingly Started To Unnervingly Vibrate With Xouba Yoghurt Zabaglione.

Although Brian Cooked Daily Eventually Finding Good Hearty Ingredients, Just Kneading Lemons Momentarily Nicely Opposing Peruvian Quinoa. Rubbing Sausages Twice Under Very Watery Xiangfan Yellow Zucchini

Andalusian Barbecues Contain Diluted Espresso, Finely Ground Himalayan Indian Jerky, Kashmiri Lime, Mixed, Not Oscillated, Providing Quite Rough Steak Texture Under Various Wilted Xiphios Yeasty Zarzuela

Apples Boiled Crudely Do Eventually Feel Green However I Just Know Lemons Might Negate Overly Poached Quiche, Rustic Sage Tastes Undeniably Very Weak Xingzi Y Zampone

As Bought Cod Doesn’t Eclipse Fresh Grey Halibut I Join Kippers Lightly Minted Noodles On Paella, Quintessentially Rustic Soup Toasted Unsurprisingly Vehemently With Xiaodianxin Yam Zuccotto.


PHEW! This one tired me out……and made me hungry.

patiently waiting Sam

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