Loose Screw Mystery Part 3…. Surveillance Begins

Dwight returning to his unit after a particularly dangerous mission

Dwight returning to his unit after a particularly dangerous mission

Continued from…… “Loose Screw Mystery Part 2, The Plot Thickens”


So the stoat, the moose the horses and I

have come up with a plan, we are all going to spy

on the cat and his cohort during their raids

the horses will bring all sorts of surveillance aids

like night vision goggles and directional mikes

closed circuit cameras with infrared sights

we hope to discover just what they are up to

and the reason they are targeting my den and that loose screw

the stoat will keep watch on the window by the drains

and the horses will give signals by shaking their manes

left means move in and right says stay put

and a general shake implies…….get off my foot

the silent observation begins at last light

the cunning plan devised by Dwight

a highly trained equine soldier with commendations

for outstanding bravery in combat situations

he is particularly adept at field camouflage

which is impressive really due to the fact hat he is so Large

I witnessed his skills once as he impersonated a meerkat

 he infiltrated enemy lines and was so convincing


they fed him food scraps right in the officers mess

he became their mascot and as you may guess

he successfully collected important information

which eventually aided the security of his nation

he would have escaped unnoticed for sure


what gave him away was the size of his manure

he was shot and injured whilst trying to escape

but that’s all in the past, he is now fully recovered, was promoted and is now a high ranking royal marine officer instructor and has kindly agreed to aid us in our merry little..


so good friends now you now know what we are up to

we are one step closer to revealing the mystery of the loose screw

Continued Here………….

me Sam

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