The Loose Screw Mystery Part 4……..Conclusion.

Continued from Part 3 ” The surveillance Begins

A Most Cunning Pair

A Most Cunning Pair

At 2.16 precisely

We saw a flash of tail

And a metal detector on a cart

Being pulled by the snail


He also had his pistol drawn

And was scanning left then right

Both were heavily camouflaged

Blending into the night


They approached the house in silence

barely visible with the naked eye

we would surely have missed them

if it were not for our well trained spies


the snail went first as he was armed

the cat followed close and low

they entered without a backward glance

not an ounce of fear was shown


the second they disappeared from view

Dwight shook his mighty mane

we all stood up and ran as one

toward the open pane


the villains heard the noise

of hooves upon the tarmac

the snail opened fire on the horses

but they continued with their attack


years of combat training

and experience on tour

they had the upper hand

as they crashed in through the door


The snail was fatally wounded

the cat however was strong

he fought longer than we imagined he would

but finally he too was done


We would have preferred to take them alive

and question their intentions that night

but fate dealt them a mortal blow

in the ensuing firefight


I see loose screws everywhere now

and know not the reason why

but the the thing I can tell you for certain is………….

……………..There is always a cat nearby


What do you suppose it all means? what does the loose screw signify?



5 thoughts on “The Loose Screw Mystery Part 4……..Conclusion.

  1. Cat- Cattus Sneakus Crappus behind the couch, not to be trusted, rope snails into schemes due to their thick shells. They enjoy the ruckus of things falling apart, little reminders of what they are capable of to upset the well ordered dog’s life, that or road works nearby are vibrating your home apart. Love the poem.


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    • The situation is far more serious than first thought.
      Now we have “Wayward Screws”! We must begin a new investigation immediately.
      Worzel….. was the blind chap accompanied per chance by a dog? perhaps you noticed a slime trail nearby?
      I feel that the more of us involved in this investigation the more chance we have of solving it.
      I shall spread the word.
      Take caution dear friend.


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