One Minute Jumbled Alphabet game

On Your Marks..............Get Set................Write.

On Your Marks…………..Get Set……………….Write

So this time I decided to make the game even harder than usual by imposing a time limit on myself of 1 minute

The letters follow the Qwerty keyboard layout starting from the bottom row going backwards to the top and then back down again.

Hard but fun. give it a go.

Many Novices Begin Volleyball Consuming XyloseZoned Layouts Kindle Jealousy, Historically Grecian Foot Doctors Support Arch Poultice On Incoming Undergraduate Young Teachers Retraining Eleven Wonderfully Quirky Quetzels, When Eastern Red Tailed Yak Undo Idiotic Oarsmanship Pretend Arbitrary Seagulls Drop Fishing Guru Having Jumped Katanas Laid Zigzagging Xanthate Collecting Vigorous Breathtaking Natural Mince

Me Sam.

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