The Daydreamer Award

The Daydreamer Award

The Daydreamer Award


my fellow blogger friend who may or may not be a primate…….BaffledBaboon who has a very entertaining blog which you really ought to visit quick sharp lest you miss something, Nominated me for A Daydreamer Award..!

I am flattered and a little shocked but mostly I am……..


Happy Me

Happy Me

The fact that my little blog full of random stuff chucked out from somewhere in my head means enough to someone that they would nominate me for an award means a lot to me, it means more than I expected it to, I blog for fun and hope that whoever decides to read my write also has fun……..This proves that at least one Baboon does, and I love that.



The rules for The Daydreamer Award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Complete the challenge they set you.

3. Select a blog or blogs that you want to give the award to. (The amount of blogs you select is unlimited!)

4. Tell them about it and set them a challenge.

The challenge set by BaffledBaboon is to write about the funniest thing that has ever happened to me.

I have a friend named “Ockle” he lives way up north in a remote and rugged area, his mother is a Border Collie and his father is a Labrador, he has a Border type body and coat with a Lab face, he is a pretty good looking lad, is quite large but has a particular personality that makes him very fun to be with.

You see, while the Border Collie is an athlete from the big leagues who is also capable of intense focus on any one task, the Lab is, shall we say………..scatty, I don’t know if this is the very best word but, the Lab part of Ockles’ personality makes him a fearless and sometimes thoughtless explorer.

This means that when Ockle feels the need to do something, he will focus on it intently and do it for hours on end….

Hey had a Gazebo set up in the back garden, not a big one but big enough, Ockle and I were in the back garden and I found a stick, I picked stick up with the intention of laying in the sun to strip the bark from it when……………Ockles’ eyes started to glaze.

I noticed the change and immediately realising I could be in trouble tried to spit the stick out, I couldn’t do it, somehow it was caught in my tooth, so I stood up and started backing away, Ockle took this as an invitation to start the chase game, a nervous giggle started to rise, now, I needed to get this stick out quickly or………

Ocks’ head was now tilted and he was obviously seeing nothing but the stick, I thought I could out run him but here’s the thing, a giggling collie with a long stick in his mouth running round a gazebo is not as agile as the slightly deranged animal that’s chasing him…

by now i was hysterical with laughter, you know, the type of laughter you can’t control when you are half crazy with fear but having fun at the same time…but not….but are…ha ha. So here am I running round a square gazebo clunking the stick on every corner as I go with Ock hot on my heels, every now and then he would just stop and turn round so I would turn a corner and find him waiting for me !! he managed to get hold of one end eventually but this didn’t stop the running, now we were running side by side round the gazebo holding one end of the stick each for no apparent reason laughing as we went

Good Times.

Not me and Ockle but you get the idea

Not me and Ockle but you get the idea


And so to the award.

My nominations:

Waltbox –


The Punchy Lands –

Midwestern Plant Girl

Your Challenge: Write any something that must include all of the following three things:

1. Igloo

2. Pack of cards

3. Feather duster


Me Sam

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